Weddin Community Transport Service

Weddin Community Transport commenced operation on 14th June 1990, after Grenfell Interagency identified the need for a local transport service and applied for funding.

From Michele Johnson – Coordinator, Weddin Community Transport Service:
“After successfully applying for the position to manage the service I was given the key to a rented office and was informed that a desk and chair had been purchased and the telephone connected (they neglected to mention the phone book), and to ‘please establish a Community Transport Service’. Yikes! What had I let myself in for? Coming from a background in child care I decided to adapt my previous work to Community Transport. My first call was to Owen McKay in Bathurst with a visit following to investigate his service. He was a wonderful support in helping establishing our service.
As there is no direct public transport service out of Grenfell to our main medical centre of Orange, 2 hrs East of Grenfell, our service grew rapidly and people quickly began to rely on it to get to appointments. The service started by using volunteers’ vehicles to transport to medical appointments. We were then given funds (back then there were no application forms; you’d get a phone call with ‘do you want a car?’) and our first vehicle was a Mitsubishi Star Wagon. Over the past 27.5 years we have tried many different vehicles, but have found that our fleet of 2 sedans, a people mover and a small bus suits current community needs.”

Weddin Community Transport Service joined Coast and Country Community Services Ltd. in 2015, and we work closely with Young/Boorowa Community Transport Service to provide the transport our customers need.

Volunteers, as always, are the backbone of our service, acting as drivers, carers and office workers. Without the many hours they freely give, our service would grind to a halt very quickly.